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Growth Simplified

Nov 06, 2023

As dry cleaning business owners, we are always looking for tactics to get more clients. The goal is for these new clients to create more revenue.
We might try to create more awareness of our brand.
We might look for the right direct mail postcard or digital ad that will create a surge of new clients.
We want to rank #1 on Google for “Drycleaner near me.”
We want to offer a weekly and monthly special.
These are all solutions. But they are tactical solutions that answer the tactical question, “What could we do to increase sales?”
We tend to gravitate to tactical solutions because we are hard-wired to get busy and get something done. To take action. But action does not guarantee growth.
Instead of jumping right to tactics, let’s approach the topic of growth more strategically.
Take out a piece of paper and answer these five questions:

  1. Who do I want to buy from me?
  2. What must happen to cause them to buy from me?
  3. What must happen to keep them coming back?
  4. What must happen to have them visit often and use more of our services?
  5. What could happen to cause them not to buy?

Once these strategy questions are answered, the tactics and desired results will come very easily. They will all point back to these questions.
You want to spend AT LEAST two to three hours on EACH of these five questions. Really dig deep. It will be worth setting aside the time to strategically think about these questions.
Have a great week!     

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