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Get Commercial Accounts with Wash-Dry-Fold Audits

Sep 18, 2023

A lot of drycleaners want to do more Wash-Dry-Fold (WDF) business, but they have limited washers and dryers, and they are nervous about mixing up tons of very small orders.
A great place to start is by getting a few commercial clients that give you consistently large orders of easy to process WDF. This could be towels, rags, linens, or uniforms.
There are commercial clients with laundry needs greater than they want to do themselves but not large enough to be on the radar of the large linen companies like Cintas, Unifirst, or Ameripride. 
Some of these accounts can easily be worth thousands of dollars per month.
Here are some businesses you can target: 

  • fitness gyms and personal trainers
  • sleep clinics, coffee shops, assisted living / retirement
  • medical offices
  • vacation rentals
  • sports uniforms
  • restaurants
  • small hotels and motels
  • same day surgery centers
  • theatre companies

Remember what I have always told you – before you ask to receive anything, always GIVE first. I have found the most effective way to gain these accounts is to offer a complimentary Commercial WDF Audit for their linen needs. 
You will immediately position yourself as both an expert and a trusted advisor and will show up to the prospective company in a giving, non-salesy way. You are going to complete an audit of their linen needs – how much linen they currently get cleaned and what each type is. You will understand their current turnaround needs of how quickly they need the linen back. You will understand if they own or are renting their linen and how much they are currently paying to have it processed. 
Then you can provide advice on optimizing this part of their business. If they are doing the laundry themselves, how much is it REALLY costing them? Should they own or rent? How often should they have pickups and deliveries? How should it be packaged so it can easily be stored at their facility? How can the billing be standardized and simplified. How can the service be simplified with a personal concierge?
You can put all of these things on a simple audit form, and go through this with the client and present them a copy as a gift to them, with a certificate for their first 100 pounds of commercial WDF for FREE as a trial run to experience your service, quality, and client centric way of doing business.
The opportunity is almost endless. If you need help determining your price and service levels, give me a ring and I’ll walk you through it.
Have a great week!


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