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Aug 17, 2021

Entrepreneurs, by their nature, have strengths in ideation (they come up with great ideas) but are often not the best at taking action. Remember this – the universe rewards action. While most business owners get bogged down with analysis paralysis, the action taker can speed on past in the fast lane.

You will find that most tested and proven marketing strategies and tactics, like the 35 or so we present in Maverick Drycleaners, pay for themselves many times over. Which means they create a positive return on investment. We even tell you which of them will provide a higher return on investment. Once you find a resource for tested marketing concepts and fully accept they pay for themselves many times over, you will want to race to get them implemented. You will ask yourself why you didn’t get it done sooner.

The problem is that you already have a full plate. There is a solution. Most larger dry cleaning companies will implement marketing ideas with the help of an administrative assistant, an office manager, or an implementation manager. Regardless of what you call it (I’m not a big fan of titles), this position can create a lot of freedom for you. Once you have this person in place, you no longer need to figure out the “how” you will get it implemented once you have determined your “what” (your great idea). You will only be responsible for getting the idea and creating a basic proof of concept (make sure it is a solution your target market wants).

If you are on a tighter budget, consider looking at a nearby college where you will likely find a marketing major looking for real-world experience and who will be happy to implement your marketing for a nominal investment. They will be eager, excited, and motivated to get their hands around all of the technology and processes required for implementation. And you will already be off to your next idea. And this will create exponential growth because you are not holding up the implementation.

If you LOVE this concept, consider reading “Who, Not How” by my coach Dan Sullivan and friend Ben Hardy. It is an awesome book and talks about a concept that will get you out of being the hub of all decisions in the business. When you find the right “Who,” they will bring the “How” with them.

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