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Delight Your Clients

Mar 18, 2024

I ventured down a rabbit hole on YouTube recently and found myself watching a video of Warren Buffett. He was telling the stories of two companies – Nebraska Land Furniture and Enterprise Rental Car. Both of these companies were built from almost nothing – one with $2,500 and the other with 17 cars. Yet they both became dominating players in their respective industries.

How did they do it? They differentiated their companies from other options by focusing on the client experience rather than the actual service or product. Warren Buffett said it was all about creating a culture focused on “Delighting Your Clients.” He did not say focus on your client. Or serve your client. Or ensure the happiness of your client.

He said to DELIGHT your clients. This hit me square between the eyes. It articulates perfectly how I want my clients to experience my company and my team. I want them to be delighted.
Delighting the client can be done at each part of the client journey:

• Attracting the right fit client
• Acquiring the right fit client
• Appreciating our current clients
• Ascending our current clients
• Retaining our current clients

This week, I will have the honor and privilege of hosting 35 of the most talented business owners in our industry, at our quarterly Maverick Warriors Summit. This will be one of our topics of conversation – how can we create, systemize, and constantly improve how we delight our clients at each part of their client journey.

I have learned that clients who are delighted with their experiences almost always return for more experiences. Why wouldn’t they?

Start thinking about whether you have this culture in your business. If you don’t, roll up your sleeves, and start working with your team on how you can change that.

Have a great week-


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