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Create Blocks of Time

Jul 06, 2021

As business owners, when we are in reactive mode, our survival instincts come out, and all we want to do is make it through the day. Get the work done. We spend our time working on removing the challenges that are in front of us. And unfortunately, when we are trying to knock down challenges, we have little time to focus on opportunities in front of us.


When we are in survival mode, we not only miss out on opportunities that could make our business and life better, but we also do very little marketing/relationship building. And that makes perfect sense. Is the person who is treading water in a lake thinking about setting a new personal record by swimming across the lake? NO! They want to make sure they don’t drown.


Most of us typically have enough challenges to keep us busy for a day, a week, or even more. But we will stay in the same spot, maybe even slipping backward, if we fill our entire day firefighting challenges. That is why it is imperative to remove yourself from the operations (or at least from firefighting mode) for certain blocks of time


These blocks of time on your calendar will pull you out of reactive, survival, firefighting mode…. And will give you the creative time to build your relationships and introduce marketing strategies and tactics in a meaningful way. Have you ever noticed that some of your best ideas come to you when you are AWAY from your business? Why do you think that is?


When we are working IN the business and generate more sales from our marketing, we actually make more work for ourselves. Because we are working in the business, you MUST separate yourself from the operations and focus on growing the business rather than getting the work done. It is similar to have a team member that both inspects and sews on buttons for laundered shirts. That person will not focus on catching broken and chipped buttons because it will just make more work for themselves.


If you are starting with the concept of working ON your business rather than IN your business, I suggest blocking time on your calendar for any high-dollar activities, but especially when you are working on creating and deploying marketing tactics. Try to reduce any distractions. Put your phone on airplane mode, turn off the notifications on your laptop, and really focus on your top 20% and how you can further meet their needs, wants, desires, and fears.


You will eventually find these blocks of time. A form of structure actually gives you more freedom. Freedom to be creative, serve your clients and be less reactive. Give it a shot. You will likely want to start putting all of your scheduled time into blocks without distractions. Your productivity will go through the roof!

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