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Business That Works

May 03, 2022

Do you have a Business That Works?
How about a Business That Works For You?
There’s a big difference between these two statements.

If you remember the old TV show, The Flintstones (I know this ages me a bit)..... you will remember that all of the cars had heavy concrete wheels and were propelled forward by moving your feet along the ground. That is a vehicle that works and could get you from point A to B if you have enough time. And enough energy to propel it.

I don’t think anyone would say that a car like that works well for the owner's benefit, though. The driver has to do work, and it is like having a job owning a car like that—lots of work and very little reward.

The same could be said about most businesses. A business that requires too much work from the owner is draining energy from the owner rather than serving the owner.

On the other end of the spectrum, think of a business owner who has a very comfortable car and has hired a driver to take the owner and family around in luxury whenever they want. That is more of a scenario where the business owner is being served.

The problem is that few business owners could even imagine the possibility of having a driver. Most of us want to work hard, feel guilty when we don’t work, and almost think of the work we do in our businesses as a badge of honor. The more we work in our business, the bigger the badge of honor.

We don’t feel worthy of having a business that serves us - A Business That Works. But why? I think there is something programmed in most of us to self-sabotage or feel guilty when we begin to have success. And we do that because we see people all around us not able to find success. So we convince ourselves that growth requires sacrifice.

The truth is that growth requires different thinking, strategic inputs from us, a higher leveraged value of our time, a vision of where we are headed, a longer time perspective, and the ability to take action. But does not always require sacrifice. And you deserve all of the success and growth you can achieve. But you have to set it up right.

How is your business set up right now? What type of work are you doing in your business? What type of work are you doing on your business? And what do you need to change to make it where your business serves you. You’re the owner. Dream big. Think big. And start acting like the owner.

Have a great week friends,


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