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Your Vocabulary IS Important

Apr 13, 2021

You can impact those around you with the vocabulary you choose to use!

As Maverick Drycleaners, we choose to be different.


I will encourage you to use the following vocabulary. These words communicate relationships and trust.


Clients (not customers) - those who pay you money for benefits gained.

Team Members (not employees) - those who help you serve your clients.

Retail and Route Advisors (not CSR’s, counter help, drivers) – The client-facing team members that always act in the best interests of your clients.  I call this front-of-the-house operations.

Workshop (not plant or warehouse) - where you get the production done. I call this back of the house operations.

Technicians (not presser, cleaner, spotter) - production team members.

Retail and Production Team Leaders (not managers) – team members who lead and give direction to other team members.

Challenges (not problems) - opportunities we solve and learn from.


Change one word per week and watch how those around you change. Your clients and team members will feel different. Insist that everyone on your team follows these guidelines. 


Do you have other suggestions? Email them to me, please!

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