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12 Profit Activators

Jul 26, 2022

The most successful dry cleaning businesses deliver consistent cash flow to the owner with the least amount of assets. And this is done with the owner spending very little time in the business's daily operations.

To do this, the owner and leadership team of the company must understand how money flows through the business. There are three parts, and most owners are only good at one of the parts:

  • #1 Make Money – all about top line sales (revenue)
  • #2 Keep Money – manage the key expenses without a lot of “holes in the bucket.” All about profit.
  • #3 Grow Money – take the profit and turn it into more money. So your money can work for you instead of you always having to work for money—all about investing.

This weekend, at the 2022 Clean Show, it will be my pleasure to introduce you to the 12 Profit Activators. Sponsored by DLI, we will be having a different conversation than most. We will discuss how you can make money (grow your top line sales) and also keep money (grow your profit).

Is life all about money? Of course not. But life without adequate cash flow puts you in survival mode. And when you don’t have much money, life becomes all about money and getting more of it.

Whatever stage of business you are in, make sure you join me for this 2-hour educational session. These 12 Profit Activators will change your business and change your life.

I never want to over-promise and under-deliver, but I will go out on a limb and say that I will be surprised if this is not the most valuable 2 hours you will have at the Clean Show.

In the second hour, I will bring up on stage 5-6 Maverick Mastermind members and they will explain how they have deployed some of these 12 Profit Activators in their business and the difference it has made. And you will have plenty of time to ask them or ask me any question you would like.

See you for this dynamic talk Sunday morning from 8am-10am in Room #B314 of the Georgia World Congress Center.

For those of you attending the 2022 Clean Show, I wish you safe travels to Atlanta.

Have a great week-


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