Hello, I'm David Coyle.


Starting with one location – I have grown my business to 14 locations, a state-of-the-art Production Workshop, citywide pick-up and delivery, over 29,000 active clients, 68 engaged team members with over 500 years of service, and almost 70% market share. I am only one of a handful of dry cleaning operators that have a 7-figure EBITDA line.

Unlike a lot of “book smart” consultants and professors who teach marketing and business strategy without any real-world experience, I have spent the past 20 years deep in the trenches, just where you are every day. I have pushed through and learned lessons the hard way, with blood, sweat and tears. And now it’s time for me to reinvest in the industry, helping those of you who struggle with marketing and business strategy so you too can be one of the thriving millionaire dry cleaning owners.

Dave is leveraging his experience


Dave is leveraging his marketing, team development, and business growth experience with the launch of Maverick Drycleaners. Dave coaches other dry cleaners to use emotional, direct response marketing to attract, acquire, appreciate, ascend, retain, and ask for referrals from the 20% of clients that give the business 80% of revenue. He is determined to return the dry cleaning industry back to the glory days of the 1980’s when the industry was one of the most common paths to becoming a millionaire by deploying marketing systems that create lifelong assets.


Dave does not believe you can generate demand for a product or service, so owners must always be looking for the next solution to their clients’ current challenges. Dave encourages his clients to fall in love with their clients rather than the ads, brand, solutions, or services provided. And he is not shy about saying the majority is almost always wrong. To get different results than the majority, you must be different than the majority – the Maverick Way. And this requires the owner to become the marketer of dry cleaning services rather than the provider of dry cleaning services. Dave offers strategic focus points in the areas of marketing, innovation, management, and money. Dave also produces cash infusion modules and courses, puts on exciting workshops, hosts mastermind groups, and offers DFY (done for you) marketing services for other dry cleaners.