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Marketing Systems – Part 2

Dec 22, 2021


 Last week, I shared with you six of the twelve questions I ask myself at least once per year about the marketing systems we have in place. Today, I want to share with you the other six questions. And my hope is that regardless of where you are on your journey and regardless of the size of your company, these questions will be helpful to you.
Q7 – What reminder system(s) do you have in place to get your clients to use your services more frequently?
Q8 – What suggestive system(s) do you have in place to increase the monetary value of each visit?
Q9 – What system do you have to convert your top 20% of clients to your route service?
Q10 – What are your most profitable services, and what are you doing to ensure that your clients are consistently using these services?
Q11 – What new service did you introduce in the past 12 months? What is the growth trajectory of this new service? And what new service do you plan to introduce in the next 12 months? How will you promote this new service?
Q12 – What retention system(s) do you have in place? How quickly are you made aware of clients that have fallen out of pattern? Do better clients receive more personal outreach when they go out of pattern?
BONUS – What system do you have in place to get your top clients to refer other like clients to your business that are in their circle of influence?
Instead of passively waiting for clients to bring you items when they are ready, you are taking an active approach and putting systems in place that will prompt, remind, and create clear calls to action for your clients.
Need help with creating the right answers to these questions? Grab 45 minutes here on my calendar, and let’s have a discussion on how my team and I can help you:

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