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Marketing Master Course (8-weeks)

Any Drycleaning Business Owner Who Wants To See A 15% Increase In Sales Volume, GUARANTEED, in the next 8 weeks…

What you'll get:

  • Week 1 - Introduction To The Course: We’re going to cover what to expect as well as really digging into understanding what it takes to see success from this program. I’m going to share with you why it is important for you to create these marketing systems, and what it will mean for your business and your personal freedom.
  • Week 2 - We’re going to learn how to identify and attract your ideal target client. Here’s something that might surprise you: You don’t want to do business with everyone! Together we’re going to work on figuring out who is the best client for you and then putting together attraction pieces that will bring that person to your business. THIS IS CRITICAL to seeing repeatable, scalable results and growing your profits beyond what you imagined. And your competitors are not focused on this step at all. 
  • Week 3 - We’re going to cover how to convert your prospect into a paying client: This is the fun part because you actually get to see money coming in from your hard work so far. However, this isn’t just sales training. I’m going to teach you how to convert them into a recurring client, making sure your first sale isn’t your last sale to them.
  • Week 4 - This is my favorite week because it’s all about having fun with your clients! I’m going to show you how to appreciate your clients and keep the focus on them and their needs. This is the secret sauce that everyone misses! We’re going to have a blast learning this stuff.
  • Week 5 - Once we’ve got your clients happy and their needs fulfilled, we are going to learn how to ascend your current clients to a higher level of frequency and monetary value. This is what will get you into the top 5% of earners faster than anything else you’ll learn.
  • Week 6 - Next up, we’re going to solve how to retain your clients and keep them engaged and attracted to your core benefits: We’re not just building a business here, we are building a community. We want to give your clients an identity they will resonate with. This is key to unlocking unlimited profit potential.
  • Week 7 - Then, we’re going to cover how to get referrals from your best clients and use those to get more ideal clients: There are some very simple, easy ninja tricks I am going to teach that makes bringing referrals a breeze. You’re going to create so many raving fans who will refer you, so you are flooded with people who already have decided you’re the dry cleaner for them!
  • Week 8 - Finally, we’ll bring it all together: Completing your personalized marketing plan, and setting goals for the next 90 days.
  • Lifetime Course Updates! When you invest in this course, we consider you a client for life. So each time we update this course, you will receive the new version as part of your investment!