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Gain Independence by Working ON Your Business
Instead of IN Your Business..."

Dear Fellow Dry Cleaning Owner,                                

I love the Summer. Backyard BBQs. Spending time with family. And thinking about what Freedom and Independence really mean and how I am, as the constitution says, “securing the Blessings of Liberty” for myself and my family.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Dave Coyle, founder of Maverick Dry Cleaners. I help dry cleaners, just like you, reach 7-figures and beyond in their businesses. And I’m writing to you because I wanted to tell you about a very special opportunity I have available for a select few Dry Cleaners… but more on that in a minute.

Starting with one location – I have grown my brick and mortar business, In The Bag Cleaners,  to 14 locations, a state-of-the-art Production Workshop, citywide pick-up and delivery, over 29,000 active clients, 68 engaged team members with over 500 years of service, and almost 70% market share. I am only one of a handful of dry-cleaning operators that have a 7-figure profit line.

If you are anything like me, you struggled during Covid. On average, dry cleaners saw a 80% drop in sales due to the pandemic. Sadly, many weren’t able to withstand the storm and, at the latest report, 1 in 6 dry cleaners had to close.

While many dry cleaners have become more efficient due to the pressures of Covid, it’s a double-edged sword and has led to an even bigger problem in that we owners are now working more IN the business than ON the business. We have become the hub of the wheel where all the decisions happen.

Without us, it seems like our businesses would grind to a halt.

And since we are distracted with the day-to-day running of the business, we have less time to focus on the things that would help us grow and emerge stronger from this last year. Team development has fallen away to just team management. Marketing is haphazard and sporadic. And looking at our finances… well, let’s just look the other way.

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way

Friend, if you are suffering from any of the pains I’ve just talked about, I am truly sorry. I commend you for hanging on, for keeping your American Dream alive, and for fighting to stay open.

As a fellow dry cleaner “in arms”, I want to offer you solace and peace. I know I can help you find the liberty and freedom you want from your business because I’ve done it.

Not only have I done it, but I’ve also helped dry cleaners just like you do the same thing. Here’s what they have to say about what they learned from me.

You don’t have to dread going into work. You don’t have to be the one constantly making routine decisions and serving your business. If you feel like your business is running you ragged and pushing you to the point of exhaustion, I have the answer for you.


I’ve put together an amazing masterclass that will take you from dealing with all the challenges we discussed to experiencing the freedom and joy that owning a dry cleaning business really can bring you.

This masterclass will show you EXACTLY how I’ve built my $6 million empire of dry cleaners AND recovered from Covid without pulling my hair out.

During this masterclass, you will learn the secrets of the Top 1% of the industry directly from me, someone who knows what it takes to get there and stay there and can answer your questions and solve your problems with you.

You see, this masterclass isn’t just a course you get in the mail and let sit on your desk without even opening it. You are getting weekly videos from me to encourage action, get you implementing what you’re learning, and give you the support you need to see success.

In fact, here’s everything that’s included in the masterclass, so you can see just how comprehensive this is:

  • My complete, proven marketing playbook has over 30 successful marketing systems, strategies, and tactics that I have used (and continue to use) in my dry cleaning business. These are plug and play, and each one could bring in over 6-figures worth of new customers to your business.
  • A copy of all the systems, templates, and samples of successful ads as sent to you via first-class FedEx. AND I’m giving you the name of my graphic designers who quickly, easily, and cheaply repurpose all templates to match your brand.
  • Systems to help you Attract, Acquire, Appreciate, Ascend, Retain, And Refer - these systems are the difference between getting a new sale and getting a loyal fan that raves about you to everyone they meet. Our goal isn’t to get you more customers - we want you to get more raving fans.
  • And finally, you’re getting access to a direct line of communication channel so you can reach the Maverick support team and me in between weekly sessions. This is where you can ask questions, request feedback, and more!

I can’t begin to tell you just how powerful this masterclass is. If you are struggling at all with seeing success in your dry cleaning business, you owe it to yourself to join this masterclass.

You could see results just like these past students of mine:

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Sounds Great Dave But...

How Much Is The Investment?

When I was putting this masterclass together, I knew I wanted to create something that would have a powerful impact in my students' lives. I didn't want to create just another course that would sit on the shelf. I wanted to give them something they would use for years.

So I sat down and sketched out everything I could think of that would take struggling dry cleaners and turn them around into a profitable, joyful business to own. This masterclass represents all the hard work I've poured into my business over the years.

Honestly, with just the marketing samples I'm giving you, you could bring in over 6-figures in new sales.

In fact, even if all this masterclass did was show you how to turn your marketing from a slot machine to an ATM, wouldn't you pay $10,000 to be able to print your own money on demand?

Of course, you would! But you don't have to pay that much.

Your investment in Maverick Dry Cleaner's Marketing Masterclass is just a one-time payment of $2,497 or 3 payments of $997.

If you implement everything I teach you, I know you can make that back in the first month alone!

I’ll Do You One Better… Here’s My “Crazy Dave” Guarantee

If you invest in the masterclass and after the first 4 weeks, you aren’t THRILLED with what you are learning and seeing happen in your business, I’ll refund your entire investment.

That’s right. You get to try out the masterclass for 4 WHOLE WEEKS and if you don’t think it’s right for you, no problem - I’ll give you your money back.

But, you should know, in the entire time of me teaching this masterclass, not one single person has asked for their money back. Not one! It’s that good.

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Dave Coyle
Founder of Maverick Drycleaners


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