What If You Could Copy A Successful Marketing Campaign For Your Own Dry Cleaning Business?


Our Top 18 Marketing Pieces, Ready For You To Model In Your Business...

Don’t follow your competitors or the bottom 95% of the industry - remember, the majority is almost always wrong. To get to the top, the top 5% of dry cleaners must have done something right to get there.

And their marketing and relationship building must be working. My dry cleaning company, In The Bag Cleaners, is not only in the top 5% of our industry, but is in the top 1% of our industry! Not bragging.

It has taken 20 years of trial and error, building a strong team, and constant determination to understand what works and what doesn’t work. As part of our Maverick Dry cleaners family, I want you to have a sample of each of the ads that are currently working at In The Bag Cleaners.

This System is set up so that you can easily outsource all of this material; thanks to the tools, resources and guidance you’ll get as part of this package. That’s right…you can finally stop being the “bottleneck” in your business when it comes to marketing and advertising your business—too busy working in your business that you forget or “put off” critical internal and external marketing campaigns to keep the pipeline full.

And your staff will LOVE you because they’ll be following an orderly, repeatable system for marketing your business–instead of the haphazard approach you’re probably using right now that’s generating reactivity in your business…and with your staff.

Imagine waking up every morning knowing exactly how many customers you’re going to deal with the next month…even the next 6 months. And think about what it feels like having your pipeline full with your ideal customers…and how many worries it will help you absolve…

We want to give you an escape from the “hum-drum” business life, and usher in a life of prosperity, possibilities and certainty that’ll allow you to leave a legacy for you and your family.

Ultimate Marketing Shortcuts Package is going to empower you to create your own marketing materials without outside help. You’ll get all the tools, resources, and guidance you need to summon a surge of customers to your business so you can move beyond most of your business worries.

All for a single payment of $99! (Plus First Class Shipping & Handling)This is a steal of a deal when you consider the peace of mind and income you’ll be able to generate using our proven marketing assets.


“David Coyle knows what he is talking about. I’m paying attention to his vision of the industry.”

David Whitehurst, Champion Cleaners


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